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Digital Design

Multimedia design at your finger tips

We are a rich media focused, design and marketing company that will give you a fresh new look on all your online and offline channels from social media content, website design, graphic design and video production.

We are a johannesburg  based company, who’s aim is to help any business or start up with the setting up and designing of their digital channels Eg: websites, social media and graphic design.

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Get the Latest WordPress Website



WordPress is open source software with many years of development

WordPress makes it easy to grow your site/business with unlimited amounts of plugins 

WordPress is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

WordPress has built-in blog and E-Commerce support

WordPress is secure


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Our Services

Social Media Management

Design is as important as functionality, we do content creation and posting schedules

Graphic Design

We work with vector graphics to provide you with crisp and clean designs customised toward your brand

Search Engine Optimization

What is a website that isn’t indexed with Google, we optimise your website to be displayed properly on search engines

Website Design

Working with WordPress in conjunction with Elegant themes, we design fully responsive WordPress websites that are compatible with all devices and are custom made to fit your Brand.

Market Research

We research your market environment and provide you with competitive content to get ahead of your competition

Fridge Publication

With today’s digital advancements we cannot forget traditional marketing, so we therefore offer a fridge publication to list your business and get distributed to local and surrounding areas (exclusive offer)

Uncover the Whole Story

Have you ever wondered what it takes to compete in the digital environment? It takes a whole lot of thinking planning, designing and not to mention a whole lot of money.

Marketing companies are charging a fortune to fulfill your marketing activities. That is why here at Search Guide we are offering the support you need for your business at affordable prices.


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CPT (College of Production Technology) business and production qualifications

Vegan Clothing and apparel 

Training Consultancy

Why Choose US


We’re all about reaching targets and providing you with design and marketing solutions that are fast and effective



Sign-up is relatively easy and cost effective, once you have joined you can expect daily support for your design and marketing goals. 


We work in conjunction with Google, Cloud Matrix and the post office to make sure our services are distributed and as accessible and affordable as possible.

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